Hog Roast - in villa dining

We work with Flying Pig Ibiza to offer you the ultimate Hog Roast to enjoy in the privacy of your villa

The meat is delivered to you uncooked in a glass oven - you just need to plug it in ! (minimum 2 plug sockets required which all villas we feature should have outside - please check with us)

The roast takes 3.5 hours

The oven will be delivered and collected to and from your villa (€45 per way delivery / collection) at your convenience


Prices include 10% local tax

Price: €19.95 per person

Minimum order: 11 people

Delivery & collection cost: €90 (€45 for delivery & €45 for collection)

Cooking time: 3.5 hours


Potatoes are also included with the roast

So for example the cost for 12 people will be:

12 x €19.95 = €239.40

plus delivery & collection €90

Total €329.40 = €27.45 per head

For more than 12 an additional discount will apply 

And we'll also add a discount when you book - just contact us & we can send you the full details of how to book


Vegetarian options are also available


Optional extras:

If you would like someone to carve the meat for you then this can be arranged at approx. €50 for 1 hour, or €75 for 2 hours

Side orders

Caesar salad €2.95 per person (minimum 10)
Sumer salad buffet €9.95 person (minimum 10)

Sauces:  wide choice from €6.95 (minimum 1)

Corn on the cob: €3.95 per person (minimum order 10)

Coleslaw €4.95 per person (minimum order 10)

Contact us and we will give you a voucher code so you can get an extra discount - if you have booked your villa with Unique Ibiza Villas then we will also make sure they know where to deliver the roast !