Ibiza Supermarkets

Just like your weekly grocery shopping at home, you have 3 options; you can do a main shop at a large supermarket, rely on smaller "convenience" stores  (which can be very expensive) or opt for a supermarket delivery to your villa

Here are the main larger supermarkets in Ibiza: Some are open on a Sunday, but are some will close on Sunday and on public holidays, or operate reduced hours

If you have booked your villa with us then we can offer you a Full Fridge Service where you can save all the time and hassle  and pre-order the food, drink and other household items you will need for your stay and this will be deliver to your villa on the day you arrive - so just like a supermarket delivery at home BUT with all relevant items put in the fridge


Your nearest large Ibiza Supermarkets:

Ibiza Town area

Aldi - Close to Ibiza Town (Avenida Sant Josep)

Eroski - close to the town centre and located near to the marina as you head out of Ibiza Town in the direction  of Jesus and Santa Euallia (may be closed on Sundays)

Eroski - also on the PM803 (normally open on Sundays), more basic than the Mercadona nearby

Hiper Centro - on C-731 towards Sant Rafel - right hand side as you head away from Ibiza Town in the direction of San Rafael and San Antonio

Lidl - Close to Ibiza Town and Figueretas (may be closed Sundays)

Lidl - also on C-731 towards Sant Rafael, on the left hand side as you head from from Ibiza Town towards San Rafael & San Antonio

Mercadona - on PM803 main road between Ibiza Town to San Josep - so ideal if you are staying on the west side of Ibiza (may be closed on Sundays), again has a really great choice of fresh fish.

Mercadona -   (next to Decathlon) close to Puig den Valls (may be closed on Sundays). Amazing fish counter, so a good chance to practice your Spanish 



Eroski - on PM810 in Santa Eulalia

Eroski - Santa Eulalia near Restaurante Pura Vida

Mercadona - Santa Eulalia (closed on Sundays)



Hiper Centro - Sant Josep village

Eroski - on C731 near San Antonio

Hiper Centro - Sant Josep village

Lidl - located on C731 road to San Antonio, about 2 km from the resort centre

Mercadona - Large supermarket in San Antonio, about 2 kms from the resort centre 

Spar - Sant Josep village and onther located on the approach to the village on the way from Ibiza Town


Carrefour  - Santa Gertrudis

Spar - Santa Gertrudis

Spar - Sant Rafel


There are also a large number of Spar, as well as some Carrefour Express & other convenience stores dotted around the island. Some double up as bars which, in our opinion, makes the weekly shop so much more of an enjoyable experience!

Some of the larger supermarkets operate Sunday hours on public holidays and fiestas

As mentioned above many of the large supermarkets do not open on Sundays so if you are arriving late on Saturday then it may be difficult to find the items you need.


Therefore we offer a delivery service we call "Full Fridge Service", where you simply order the items you want. The delivery charge is €26 and the ordered items will not only be delivered, but also packed away in the fridge or cupboards in readiness for your arrival…leaving you more time to enjoy your holiday

For specific shop locations & opening hours info here are some useful links:




Information correct at April 2021