Ibiza Local Taxis

There are a number of ways to get taxis in Ibiza:

Pre Book

You can pre-book transportation. We can arrange this with the transport provider we use. They have 8 seat minivans and they offer the convenience of a door to door service and the driver know where all of our featured villas are - so you don't need to worry about the driver not finding you. This also works out to be convenient when there are more than 5 of you and you may need more than 1 local taxi. To book please contact us (minimum 24 hours notice required please). Prices are fixed based on the journey. 


Local Taxis

There is the local, legal & licensed Radio Taxis Ibiza. They probably wont know the exact location of your villa but some villa are mapped on Google maps, if your villa is not mapped then if you indicate a key landmark via Google maps then the drivers should be able to find you. We can also provide you with the GPS co-ordinates. Prices are charged on a meter.


Radio Taxis Eivissa (Ibiza Town area) +34 971 39 84 83
Radio Taxis Sant Josep (San Jose village /surrounding areas including west coast: Cala Vadella & Cala Tarida) +34 971 80 00 80
Radio Taxis San Antonio +34 971 34 37 64
Radio Taxis Santa Eularia (Santa Eulalia & San Carlos) +34 971 33 33 33 
Radio Taxis Sant Joan (north Ibiza) +34 971 33 33 33 



There are many "pirate" and illegal taxi services operating in Ibiza. We do not recommend using anu unlicensed and illegal service