We Can help You Find The Right Location For Your Ibiza Holiday Villa


If you know Ibiza well then you probably know already the area you want to stay in, and you can use the links below to select the area or areas and view the villas we feature that are located closest to your preferred beach, resort, village or town.

If you don't know Ibiza well and need some guidance then please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you are looking for from your holiday & we can help you choose the areas and locations that are best suited for you, your family and friends. We visit and know every villa we feature and we can guide you through the different personalities of each location and surrounding area, and villa make sure you find the right combination of location, villa style, villa facilities and price that best suits what you are looking for. Ibiza is a small island with a good road network & easy to get around; approximately 25 minute drive to most points from the centre.  

View Our 80 South Ibiza Villas  
Villas near Ibiza Town, Jesus, Talamanca, Sant Jordi, Playa den Bossa, Salinas, Es Cavallet & Cala Jondal

View Our 66 Ibiza Town (Eivissa) Villas 
Villas close to Pacha, Lio, Marina, the historic old town of Dalt Vila and many fantastic restaurants

View Our 10 Villas In Cap Martinet
Cap Martinet is an upmarket residential area close to Ibiza Town, Talamanca, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay & Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort

View our 6 villas in Can Pep Simo
Upmarket residential area close to Ibiza Town, Talamanca, Lio, Pacha, Destino and Nobu Hotel 

View Our 24 Jesus Villas 
Jesus village is a suburb of Ibiza Town with a local vibe. In addition to being close to Ibiza Town it is also close to the beach at Talamanca.   

View Our 18 Talamanca Villas 
Talamanca is only about 2 kms to Ibiza Town. Sandy beach with good selection of restaurants. Close to Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort & Nobu Hotel Ibiza

View Our 17 Playa den Bossa Villas 
Playa den Bossa is home to Ushuaia, Hi, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and beach clubs including Tanit and Nassau; 7 kms long sandy beach that stretches to Ibiza Town

View Our 10 Villas In Sa Carroca
Sa Carroca is a, mostly, residential area within easy reach of Ibiza Town, Playa den Bossa, San Jordi village & the beaches of Salinas & Es Cavallet

View Our 9 San Jordi Villas 
San Jordi (Sant Jordi de ses Salines) is a small village on the outskirts of Ibiza Town, close to Playa den Bossa and the beaches of Salinas & Es Cavallet

View Our 10 KM5 Villas 
KM5 was once home to a popular restaurant / lounge bar located at KM5 (5 kms from the outer edges of Ibiza Town). Convenient for Ibiza Town, Playa den Bossa, Cala Jondal and San Jose (Sant Josep) village 

View Our 10 Salinas & Es Cavallet Villas
Salinas & Es Cavallet are 2 of the best beaches in Ibiza and home to beach clubs and beach restaurants including Jockey Club, Sa Trinxa, Malibu, Beso Beach, El Chiringuito & Chiringay

View Our 31 South West Ibiza Villas  
Villas in and around the beautiful south west coast of Ibiza including Cala Jondal, Es Cubells village, Es Torrent beach, The Bay of Porroig, Sa Caleta beach and the residential community of Vista Alegre

View our 16 Cala Jondal Villas 
Cala Jondal is a pebbly bay and home to the oopular beach clubs in Ibiza including Blue Marlin and Tropicana; South west Ibiza approx 25 minute drive to Ibiza Town

View Our 19 Es Cubells Villas 
Es Cubells is a small, traditional village in the southwest corner of Ibiza with stunning sea views from the clifftop setting & some of the most expensive houses in the Med

View Our 1 Es Torrent Villa 
Es Torrent is a small, pebbly beach in the south west corner of Ibiza and home to an excellent seafood restaurant that takes its name from the beach it sits on

View Our 1 Porroig Villa 
Porroig (the Bay of Porroig) is a beautiful bay and a popular hangout for the yacht & boat set in this upmarket area of south west Ibiza

View Our 2 Sa Caleta Villas 
Sa Caleta (Playa Es Bol Nou) is the small sandy beach just around from Cala Jondal and home to Restaurante Sa Caleta, south west Ibiza

View our 2 villas in Vista Alegre
Vista Alegre is an upmarket gated comminity on the southwest coastline between Cala Jondal & Porroig/Es Cubells. Wonderful sea views and only about a 20 minute drive to Ibiza Town 

View our 61 West Ibiza Villas 
West is best for sunsets and beach clubs; Cala Bassa, Cala Tarida, Cala Codolar Cala Conta/Comte, Cala d'Hort, Cala Salada, Cala Gracio, San Antonio & villages of Es Cubells, San Agustin & San Jose/Sant Josep

View Our 11 Cala Bassa Villas 
Cala Bassa is a sandy beach on the west coast of Ibiza which is also where you will find Cala Bassa Beach Club for good food and good vibes. The villages of San Agustin & San Jose/Sant Josep are closeby

View Our 5 Cala Carbo Villas 
Cala Carbo is a small beach on the west coast of Ibiza which is home to 2 amazing tradituoanl beach restaurants; great sunsets, and from many villas views of Es Vedra

View Our 3 Cala Codolar Villas 
Cala Codolar is a small part sandy part pebbly beach located on the west coast of Ibiza between Cala Conta/Comte and Cala Tarida. Great for sunsets and views to Es Vedra

View Our 1 Cala Conta Villa
Cala Conta (Cala Comte) is one of the most popular sunset viewing points in Ibiza and home to Sunset Ashram and a couple of traditional restaurants. By day enjoy the sandy beach and crystal clear waters

View Our 2 Cala d'Hort Villas 
Cala d'Hort is a west coast beach and one of the best places to watch the infamous Ibiza sunset; due, in part, to the backdrop of the island of Es Vedra; one of the most photographed landmarks in Ibiza.

View Our 5 villas in Cala Moli
Cala Moli is a small cove on the west coast of Ibiza between Cala Tarida & Cala Vadella; ideal for sunsets and sea views with pebbly beach and beach club

View Our 6 Cala Salada Villas
Cala Salada sits just along the west coast from San Antonio, but could not be more different; a small sandy bay with a backdrop of pine trees and great for sunsets 

View Our 10 Cala Tarida Villas 
Cala Tarida is one of the larger resorts on the west coast. A sandy beach popular with families and couples with beachfront restaurants, beach clubs and sunsets

View Our 12 Cala Vadella Villas 
Cala Vadella is located on the west coast of Ibiza; a popular destination for families and couples with a sandy beach, beachfront restaurants and sunsets

View Our 5 Port des Torrent Villas 
Port des Torrent is close to San Antonio but offers a slower pace of life. The small sandy beach is good for sunsets

View Our 12 San Agustin Villas 
San Agustin (Sant Agusti des Vedra) is a small traditional village with a church and 2 traditional restaurants. Close by is the larger village of San Jose (Sant Josep de sa Talaia), Cala Bassa and the lively San Antonio

View our 29 San Antonio Villas 
San Antonio is a lively resort in the summer famous for sunsets at Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar, day time events at O Beach and night time at Eden & Es Paradis. Amnesia and Privilege are about a 10 minute drive 

View Our 75 San Jose Villas 
San Jose (Sant Josep de sa Talaia); traditional village with about 10 restaurants & the gateway to southwest (Es Cubells) and west coast beaches: Cala Tarida, Cala Conta, Cala Bassa & others

View Our 21 East Ibiza Villas 
Villas in and around the east coast of Ibiza including Roca Llisa, Santa Eulalia, Cala Pada, S'argamassa, Cala Llonga, Es Canar, Aguas Blancas, Las Dalias Artisan market and San Carlos village

View Our 19 San Carlos Villas 
San Carlos is a traditional village close to smaller beaches including Cala Mastella & Cala Llenya, as well as only a short drive to Santa Eulalia. Regular events at Las Dalias de Ibiza ("hippie" market) 1 km from the village

View Our 3 Roca Llisa Villas 
Roca Llisa is a larger gated residential community situated between Ibiza Town ands Santa Eulalia. It is also home to the only golf course on the island. The small beach at Cala Olivera is nearby

View Our 4 Cala Llonga Villas 
Cala Llonga sits just a little further along the coast from Santa Eulalia; a small family friendly resort with a sandy beach. The popular Amante Ibiza (beach restaurant) is close by

View Our 44 Santa Eulalia Villas 
Santa Eulalia is one of the largest resorts in Ibiza and also a town many locals call home. Popular with families as there is a wide selection of bars, cafes and restaurants. Not a large beach but smaller beaches close by

View Our 6 S'argamassa Villas
Sargamassa is a small beach on the east coast of Ibiza between Santa Eulalia & Es Canar/Cala Nova; Villas with direct beach access and just a short stroll to Nikki Beach Ibiza

View Our 2 Es Canar Villas 
Es Canar is close to the larger resort of Santa Eulalia and closer to Punta Arabi; famous in Ibiza for the large weekly market every Wednesday in summer. Close to neighbouring beaches including Cala Nova and Cala Llenya

View our 3 Cala Llenya/Cala Nova Villas
Cala Llenya and the neighbouring beach of Cala Nova sit on the east coast close to the village of San Carlos, and Las Dalias market, and within a short drive of smaller beaches (including Cala Mastella & Puig des Lleo) and the large resort of Santa Eulalia

View Our 22 North Ibiza Villas 
For many the north of Ibiza remains true to the ethos of Ibiza and is their favourite area to get away from it all. Head to the beaches of Benirras, Cala Xarraca, Portinax, Cala San Vicente & Puerto San Miguel and the traditional villages of San Juan, San Vicente & San Miguel.

View Our 8 Benirras Villas  
Benirras beach is truly unique; Sunday drumming sessions bounce the beat that echoes of the cliff walls, a stunning sunset at the height of summer and Elements Ibiza; a great beach restaurant. Close by are Cala Xuclar & Cala Xarraca (Six Senses)

View Our 4 Cala San Vicente Villas 
Cala San Vicente (Cala de Sant Vicent) is a small and relaxed resort with a sandy beach. Head around the bay for small coves or inland for traditional villages of San Vicente (Sant Vicent de sa Cala) and the larger San Juan (Sant Joan de Labritja)

View our 4 villas in Portinax
Head to the north east corner of Ibiza for the relaxed beaches of Portinax, Cala Xarraca and Cala Xuclar, just around the corner from Six Senses Ibiza. About 9 kilometres fromt he village of San Juan (Sant Joan de Labritja)

View Our 21 San Juan Villas 
San Juan (Sant Joan de Labritja) is the largest village in the north of Ibiza with a bohemian vibe, great choice of restaurants and coffee bars. Weekly Art/Artisan market every Sunday throughout most of the year. Nearby beaches include Portinax & Benirras

View Our 16 San Miguel Villas 
San Miguel (Sant Miquel de Balansat) is a traditional village close to the beaches of Puerto San Miguel, Portinax, Cala Xaracca and Benirras and less than a 10 minute drive to the larger village of Santa Gertrudis and San Juan (Sant Joan de Labritja) 

View Our 59 Rural Villas 
Rural Ibiza is the ideal escape, away from the crowds but a short drive to restaurants, villages and beaches and shouldn't be more than a 30 minute drive to Ibiza Town if you can tear yourself away from relaxing and decide to up the pace of holiday life

View Our 59 Central Villas 
Villas in the heartland of Ibiza including Santa Gertrudis, San Rafael, San Lorenzo and San Carlos ideally located for getting to your favourite restaurant and beach; and rarely more that a 30 minute drive to Ibiza Town for the widest choice of restaurants and nightlife

View Our 37 Santa Gertrudis Villas 
Santa Gertrudis is a traditional village located pretty much in the middle of the island; a perfect mix of traditional bars & restaurants and boutique shops & eateries, many of which are located around the church square. Ideal for families.

View Our 22 San Lorenzo Villas 
San Lorenzo (Sant Llorenc de Balafia) is a very small, relaxed and traditional village with just a couple of restaurants including La Paloma. Just outside the village are some of the best typical and traditional restaurants in Ibiza

View Our 22 San Rafael Villas 
San Rafael (Sant Rafael de sa Creu) is a village located in between Ibiza Town & San Antonio. Many villas we feature are rural and a popular for families and groups who also want the convenience of access to the livelier side of Ibiza in the west and south (Ibiza Town)

View Our 4 Formentera Pool Villas  
Formentera is Ibiza's sister island, reached by ferry in about 30 minutes, and offers relaxation and some of the best beaches and seafood restaurants in the Mediterranean. Why not twin centre with Ibiza?

We feature over 100 private pool villas in Mykonos
The beautiful island of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea is synonymous with high end, luxury, modern and contemporary holiday villas all over the island including in and around Mykonos Town, Ornos, Elia, Ftelia, Paradise & Super Paradise