Ibiza Supermarket Delivery To Your Villa

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There are 2 options when you book a villa in Ibiza

You can arrive at your villa a little parched and a little hungry after a pretty measly bite to eat on the aircraft (at extortionate prices of course!)...and then you have to do the supermarket shopping in store you don't know...or if you arrive late the shops are closed. So you end up hunting around a small convenience store you are not familiar with, not finding the items you need, and when you do you realise this little convenience store is a goldmine for the owner - You've never ever paid that much for cornflakes before in your life! Plus imagine how many bottles of water you're going to need between you all for your stay...and the weight and the space in your little hire car ! 


You sit down before a week before you arrive in Ibiza, and from the comfort of your home you order the items you need and want from our supermarket delivery service. The items are delivered to your villa before you arrive. The correct items are placed in the fridge or freezer and hey presto...as if my magic the supermarket fairies have arrived !. You can go straight to the fridge, pour everyone a drink of their choice and start relaxing on your holiday.

It's your choice - what would you rather do?! 

- Save Time
- Save Money
- Hassle Free
- Order The Items You Need
- Enjoy Many Of The Brands You Want & Know
- Includes Nappies & essential items for babies


To view available items & order your supermarket delivery visit:  www.uniqueibizadelivers.com

Any questions then please email us: bookings@uniqueibizavillas.co.uk 

You can order as little or as much as you want, and the delivery charge is €26.


Full Fridge Service