Enjoy breakfast in your villa cooked for you by your own private chef

We can arrange for a chef to cook breakfast/brunch in the comfort & convenience of your villa at a time to suit you

The breakfast menu will be based on your wishes, tastes & requirements

This service is in high demand by our customers to provide the perfect "pick-me-up" to start anther amazing day in Ibiza

The 5 hours of service includes the hours to purchase all food & drink items, service and cleaning up !

The price does not include the food & drink items purchases and these will need to be paid for separately depending on which food & drink items you choose (average price €10 to €12 per person)


If you would like to supercharge your brunch with extra items such as Mojito cocktails then these can be added to your order if required

We will arrange for a bar tender/mixologist at approx €35 per hour x 4 hours + local tax of 10% (plus the cost of the drinks you require to be mixed for you)




€45* per hour for 5 hours (includes purchasing of food, preparation & cleaning up)

Any additional hours above 4 hours are charged at €45* per hour

As a guide the approximate spend for the breakfast food items is €10 to €12 per person

For more than 10 people a waitress will be required at an additional €35* per hour

*Please note that local tax (IVA / VAT) at 21% is not included in the prices quoted above 

If additional hours above 4 hours are required then the hourly rate of €45* will apply 



Let us know that you would like to book
The chef team will send you an invoice for the 4 hours of chef service at €45 per hour plus 21% local tax = €272.25
The chef will buy the food items as per your requirements (or they will create a menu understanding any dietary requirements and any "no go" foods)
This averages at between €10 to €12 per person (unless you have incredibly sophisticated tastes!) 
The chef will show you the shopping receipts and you can reimburse them on the day of the service
If you prefer you can prepay the food items BUT they will be subject to 10% local tax so it will be more expensive
We recommend adding a waiter / waitress for groups of 10 or more at €35 per hour x 4 hours plus 10% local tax = €154.00

To confirm the booking you pay for the 4 hours of chef service plus waiter/waitress if required
For example: Let's assume there are 12 of you then this will be €441.65 (€272.25 for the chef plus + €169.40 for the waiter/waitress) and therefore €36.80 per person plus the €10 to €12 per person for food - great value for a private chef to prepare and cook brunch for you during your Ibiza holiday 

If there are 8 of you and you decide not to have a waiter/waitress and dine informally then the cost will be the chef at €272.25; Therefore €34.03 per person plus the food (€10 to €12 per person) 



If you would like brunch/breakfast every day in your villa then the calculation remains the same; we recommend you book as early as possible so we can secure the chef for you 



Breakfast Menu


You can either choose from the selection of items from the menu suggestions below

We will put you in contact directly with the chef to agree the menu, understand any dietary requirements and agree the time to eat



If you would like to book then please use the contact us form to provide the following information (you can email us: bookings@uniqueibizavillas.co.uk or click on the contact us form) and we will confirm the chef's availability and put you in contact with the chef to finalise and discuss any specific dietary requirements:

Date you would like the chef to come to the villa:
Time to eat (chef will normally arrive an hour before):
Number of people (Minimum number is normally 10):
Villa name:

Villa location: please send a Google map link to ensure the chef has the correct location)
Mobile number:
Home address:
Passport number:
Any dietary requirements: