Ibiza Chef Hire

If you are looking to have a chef at your disposal for your stay in Ibiza to cater for you including breakfast/brunch, lunch or dinners then we recommend the "Full Time" chef package which includes a minimum of 50 hours a week. The chef will also organise the food & drink shopping (as per your requirements), organise the kitchen and fridge and keep everything clean & tidy for you - he or she will also deal with all the washing up & clearing up!

The hourly rate is 40€

• This price includes the time taken to purchase food & drink, service and cleanliness.

• Does not include the food & drink items purchased which will need to be paid for separately.

• The hourly rate is based on up to 8 customers - for 9 or more guests, the chef will be helped by assistant or waitress at 25€/hour.

The chef is at your disposal 24 hours a day 

Please view or download our brochure with more information 

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