Before You Go

Before You Arrive

The A-Z Of What To Know Before You Go

Some Things We Would Like You To Know Before You Go

We want you to have an amazing stay in Ibiza and to have a great holiday. We please ask you to remember some "house rules" and to clarify some points before you go. Please take a few moments to read and share these comments with your fellow guests. The golden rule to please remember & respect is:

Please look after the villa
Please remember that most of the villas are people's homes, and that we ask you to please respect the house and the contents as you would your own. For example please do not move furniture outside. Please check the rental contract for more information. The security deposit is to cover any damages or additional cleaning if the house is left in a situation where additional cleaning is required.



Additional Facilities
In many cases items such as: cots, highchairs, Wi-Fi and satellite are available on request (if the property does not advertise them as included) and may be subject to an extra charge which is payable locally. These should be requested at the time of booking


Air Conditioning
It may sound obvious but please do not keep the air-conditioning on if the doors or windows are open. As we are sure you will be aware the air-con will have to work so much harder that it may just be working too much and the last thing any of us want is an air-conditioned villa where the air-conditioning isn't working !


Anomalies and deficiencies
Any irregularities found by the client on arrival should be communicated as soon as possible, and always during the stay, to the customer service staff of ECOIBIZA S.L in order that staff can rectify any problems or facilitate a change of accommodation if a solution cannot be found.

Any claim submitted after leaving the property cannot be considered because the fundamental criteria for consideration cannot be checked in order to proceed with the claim.



If you have a BBQ then please clean it before departure to ensure it is clean for the next customer. Some areas of Ibiza do not allow BBQ's due to the potential fire risk, pine trees and needles that have had months of scorching sun and no rain look beautiful but are a real fire risk, so please do be careful and BBQ responsibly! 


When you arrive please make sure that there are no broken or damaged items; there shouldn't be as the villa will have been checked when the previous guests departed.

If an item is broken or damaged during your stay then you must inform Eco Ibiza as a matter of urgency. In the event of any damage the amount will be deducted from the caution deposit after departure and an invoice will be sent to you with details of any damage



Cats seem to rule the World, and many houses in Ibiza have a cat. In our experience cats are very intelligent and know when they are wanted and when they are not welcome, so if you don't want any contact with moggy just politely let them know they are not welcome this week and they will go away and sulk for a bit and then find someone else to give them some attention and fuss


Caution deposit
Please ensure you have sufficient credit limited on your credit card for paying the security deposit.
Please ensure your bank / Credit Card Company is aware that you are travelling abroad and does not block any payments.
The caution / security deposit will be refunded 24/48 hours after departure. Please note that it then may take your bank a further 5 working days to show the refund in your account


We hate to state the bleeding obvious but please ensure children are supervised at all times. A new villa in a warm country is an exciting place to explore, but please do keep an eye on them as we wouldn't want anyone to start their holiday with a visit to the doctors.


Where a cot been arranged for you please note that sheets are not provided so please bring your own cot sheets


Check-out day
On departure day your co-operation with checking out at the time indicated is very much appreciated so as not to delay the next occupants from checking in on time. Checking out means vacating the villa and the grounds. It is not possible to stay around the pool. If you would like a recommendation for a beach restaurant to head to then please just let us know. On your departure day if you have a later flight then there are luggage storage facilities in Ibiza Town. Please ask us for details


On the day of departure the property should be left in the same condition as on arrival. It is important that the kitchen, barbecue preparation area and all utensils are left completely clean and in good condition. If this is not the case a deduction will be made from the deposit of a minimum 100€, this sum could be higher depending on the condition of the property when checked on departure


Capacity of the property and number of occupants
Each property is prepared for a determined number of occupants. It is not permitted in any event to exceed the maximum occupancy of the property as advertised without prior written approval which will be shown on your confirmation.
It is the responsibility of the client, at all times, to ensure that the number of occupants matches the number of people on the reservation. Failure to comply with this rule will result in eviction from the property or payment of an occupancy supplement.


Consumption of energy
Where available air conditioning / heating are included in the price. If there is an additional cost then this will have been advised at the time of booking. However please help by not having air-con in a room & the window open !


Should a rental client decide to leave the accommodation or cut short the stay without good cause or justification included in the cancellation insurance (refund of holiday) and supporting documentation, there would be no refund of any monies paid.
If the curtailment is found to be for a justifiable reason the refund will be paid according to the conditions of the corresponding insurance cover.



Drinking water

As we are sure you know already very few villas have drinking water available from the tap so you will need to purchase bottled water


Early check-in
Check-in time for most villas is from 3pm. It may be possible to arrange a slightly earlier check-in at some villas and we will advise 24 hours before arrival. However this is not normally possible in July & August, and will only be possible if the villa is not occupied the night before you arrive. 


Emergency & useful numbers in Ibiza


Policia Nacional +(34) 091
Policia Local +(34) 092
Guardia Civil +(34) 062



Emergencies +(34) 061
Servicio de emergencias de Baleares  112
Hospital de Can Misses  971 397 062



American Consulate Ibiza

C/ Porto Pi, 8 - 9D
07015 - Palma de Mallorca,
Islas Baleares, Spain


Telephone enquiries: (+34) 971 40 37 07


British Consulate Ibiza

Avenida Isidoro Macabich 45 
1º1ª (corner with Calle Canarias)

07800 Ibiza 

Email  Telephone enquiries: (+34) 93 366 6200


Opening hours:
From Mon 7th Nov Ibiza will be operating winter hours.
We will open to the Public on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 08.30 -13.30.
Consular phone lines are open from 8am to 4pm.


Dutch Consulate Ibiza

Paseo Vara de Rey, 9-1
07800 Ibiza

Telephone enquiries: (+34) 971 30 04 50


France Consulate Ibiza

Avda. Bme Vte Ramón 10
07800 Ibiza


Telephone enquiries: (+34) 971 31 20 31


German Consulate Ibiza

Carrer d'Antonio Jaume, 2-2° - 9a
Apartado 437
07800 Ibiza


Telephone enquiries: (+34) 971 31 57 63


Italy Consulate Ibiza

C/ Diputado José Ribas, s/n
07800 Ibiza


Telephone enquiries: (+34) 971 199 915



Flight & Airport Information

Ibiza airport


Telephone enquiries: (+34) 971 809 000


Airlines contact numbers

Air Europa (+34) 911 401 501
Air Nostrum (+34) 901 111 500
British Airways (+34) 902 111 333
Easyjet (+34) 330 365 5000
Iberia (+34) 901 111 500 
Jet2 (+34) 333 300 0042
Norwegian (+34) 330 828 0854
Ryanair (+44) 871 246 0011
Tui Airways (+34) 203 451 2695
Vueling (+34) 902 808 005



Furniture and fittings

It is absolutely prohibited to re-arrange the furniture or carry out any alterations to a rental property in such a way that would permanently alter the capacity or cause damage.


Gecko's and lizards are indigenous to Ibiza and the chances are that there are a family or 2 living within the grounds of your villa. They are totally harmless and don't bite. They eat the bugs and you tend to see them at night around wall lights to catch moths and other insects



The rental price does not include personal travel insurance, or insurance to cover the cost of personal belongings. Many villas do have safes so we would encourage you to try to remember to use them for your own peace of mind


In the case of lost keys (failure to hand in the same number of keys supplied on arrival). We are obligated to deduct a minimum charge of 100€ for change of lock and services of maintenance


Late Check-out
It may be possible to arrange a late check-out but not normally in July & August. the cost for a late check out is normally a half day rental. Please check availability & price with us 24 hours before your departure  


Please don't leave luggage unattended in your car
If you have an early arrival or a late departure we can not arrange for you to store your luggage. We suggest you use one of the  secure left luggage facilities, or one of the companies that will come to your villa and collect your luggage). For further details please click here


Mobile phone

Property owners do not provide landline telephone connections. Therefore please instruct clients to bring a compatible mobile phone in order to communicate. Clients should be informed that there are many rural areas on the island where the signal is weak or non-existent.


Don't allow those pesky "so and so's" to bite you - we know how annoying it can be. We recommend bringing a good repellent with you...and eating garlic normally helps but may repel more than the mosquitos! 



There are strict rules surrounding noise, and you are asked to respect your neighbours. The police will be called and will fine you if you do not adhere to local laws
From 7am to 11pm maximum decibel limit is 65 (55 decibels in residential areas)
From 11pm to 7am maximum decibel limit is 30



Outside the villa
Sometimes it can get windy, particularly by the coast so we ask that you please close all parasols at night time to avoid them being broken by a gust of wind



The majority of properties do not allow pets. Only with the express written permission and prior agreement at the time of booking will a pet be permitted to stay outside the house. We reserve the right to impose an extra charge for cleaning on departure as well as a supplement on the deposit if you plan to bring your pet.



Respect the property
Please remember that most of the villas are people's homes, and that we ask you to please respect the house and the contents as you would your own. For example please do not move furniture outside. Please check the rental contract for more information.


Responsibilities of the villa Owner
The proprietor will accept no responsibility for loss or theft of items belonging to the rental client or any other occupier of the property or for any injury caused by incorrect use of facilities provided in the property.
Unique Ibiza Villas act as an agent on behalf of ECOIBIZA S.L who acts solely as an intermediary between owners and rental clients being responsible only for accurate information regarding available properties, facilities and precise location.
No responsibility can be accepted for injury, accident, delay, or any other complaints pertaining to the rental of the property.
If there is something wrong or broken then please contact us as soon as possible so that we can get this investigated & rectified


Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure rubbish is removed from the villa and grounds. Please remove on a daily basis as rubbish attracts unwanted guests. There are no rubbish collections from the villa in Ibiza - you need to take to one of the many public bins. If you are not sure where your nearest rubbish collection point is then the Eco Ibiza staff in the Ibiza Town office can clarify for you. If rubbish is not removed then you will be charged an additional cleaning fee on check-out (minimum €100)



Sheets / bedding is provided, with the exception of cots. Please bring your own cot sheets


Staying safe in Ibiza
Ibiza is a safe place but unfortunately there are always a small number of opportunists, robberies happened in Ibiza!

Please ensure you lock all doors and windows at night and when you leave the villa to go out

Please do not leave anything on display. 

If your villa has a safety deposit box then - PLEASE USE IT! 

If your villa has an alarm - PLEASE USE IT ! If you do not know how to do it please contact a member of the team for assistance.

Please do not leave anything on display in your hire car

There are a number of potential scams to be aware of. For example someone asking for help with a puncture in a supermarket car park. Whilst you are distracted the thieves will take some of your possessions

Please don't leave anything in your car. I had a very old pair of jeans in the back of my car parked near a beach. When I came back the window had been smashed and I had to pay the car rental company €120! Many car rental companies will tell you to leave the car unlocked. It is highly unlikely the car will be stolen as it is difficult to get a hire car off the island!


Please remind yourself of the key points from your rental contract that you and your guests must be aware of, adhere to and respect the house rules


Swimming Pool
Please ensure children (and perhaps some adults) don't drop glass in the pool..or sand.. or anything that can be dangerous or damage the filtration system..if it doesn't float then it probably doesn't belong in the pool!

Please do not use the swimming pool while under the influence of alcohol and other substances. 



Some villas are easier to get taxis to and from than others. Sometimes local taxis can, unfortunately, be unreliable. Some taxi drivers many not pick up from a villa address as they may not know where it is. Some taxi drivers in the summer are not from Ibiza, they are just here for a few months to work so many may not have an extensive knowledge of the island. Not all taxi drivers will have sat nav but may take you back to your villa if you can direct them. Some villas are mapped on Google maps so this makes it easier.

You can download the TAXI APP which is the quickest way to get a taxi in Ibiza

Alternatively here are the numbers for the official local taxis

Radio Taxi Eivissa: 971 39 84 83.

Radio Taxi Sant Josep: 971 80 00 80.

Radio Taxi San Antoni: 971 34 37 64.

Radio Taxi Santa Eularia: 971 33 33 33.

Radio Taxi Sant Joan: 971 33 33 33.

If you would prefer not to rely on local taxis, and have the convenience of a pre-booked service then we can arrange transportation - see below


Driver service: We can provide a driver with an 8 seater minivan who will offer a 24/7 door to door service. For details please visit: Visit our website page - please click here 



Bathroom towels are provided. Many villas do provide pool towels, but some do not. On each villa page we indicate if pool towels are included or not, but if you are in any doubt then please just ask us. Beach towels are NOT provided and we ask that bathroom and / or pool towels are not removed from the villa and taken to the beach. Therefore we ask that you please bring your own beach towels



Utilities (Water, electricity and internet)
Cuts to the supply of water, electricity or the internet are not regular, however the local authorities can occasionally cut or limit supplies for short periods of time. ECOIBIZA S.L can take no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by temporary cuts to supply.

Clients should check whether the property has Wi-Fi. If this service is not available they can rent a device from us which will allow internet access for the duration of their stay. Please note that the Wi-Fi is designed for basic use such as checking emails and social media browsing. If you are likely to be downloading, streaming or have usage requirement then the bandwidth may not be suitable. So please let us know and we can look at the options to increase the bandwidth.



Waste disposal

It is the responsibility of clients to deposit waste in the correct containers which are normally situated on the nearest main road. It needs to be taken into account that many properties are in rural locations and food waste can attract cats, insects and other unwanted pests. On departure there should be no bags of rubbish left in the property. Failure to comply with this will result in a deduction from the deposit of at least 100€.


Please bear in mind that Ibiza doesn't get much rain which is great for holiday makers but for locals it means that Ibiza is permanently in a drought situation, so we ask you to please not waste water





Additional Available Services:

Boat Hire
For details regarding boat hire please visit: Visit our website page - please click here 

Car Hire
For prices and availability (and a hassle free service) you can check out prices via this link: Visit our dedicated website - please click here 


Chill out and relax at your villa and let someone else do the cooking.
If you would like a chef to cook one night then check out the available options via this link: Visit our website page - please click here 


Watch you favourite film from the comfort of your villa..even the popcorn is included! Details: Visit our website page - please click here

Full Fridge Service

If you want the convenience of a supermarket delivery service and a villa stocked with your chosen food and drink then check out our full fridge service: 
Visit our dedicated website - please click here 


We can provide door to door transportation in an 8 seater minivan Visit our website page - please click here


Driver service: We can provide a driver with an 8 seater minivan who will offer a 24/7 door to door service. For details please visit: Visit our website page - please click here



Have a great stay in Ibiza

We want you to have a great time

If something is not right in your villa then please let us know as soon as possible. Most things we should be able to fix very easily. some issues may take longer. One we know we can get any points raised investigated for you