Your Own Private Cinema At Your Villa

Fancy watching your favourite movie at your villa, or maybe watching the Olympics or a big football match from the comfort of your own villa…or maybe you're surprising someone with a video you've put together with clips & photos from their life to commemorate a special birthday then let us know and we'll ask our friends at Cinema Paradiso to come to your villa, set up the big screen, and provide the comfy bean bags for your armchair viewing, and popcorn for the full cinema experience.

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The prices include the screen, full body bean bags, popcorn & blankets 

A group size of up to 8 people the price is from €475 

A group size of upto 9 - 14 people the price is from €575

For 15 people and above - please contact us 

The above prices exclude the 21% tax

There are 3 screen sizes to suit your group

2.7m x 1.5m
3.7m x 2.1m
4.8m x 2.7m

Additional catering can be provided as required.

A very extensive library of films are available (or bring your own), the only exclusion is that any film on current release will not be available (normally 2 months from premiere) 

For more information please email us:

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Cinema Paradiso 3
Cinema Paradiso 6