Short Stay Ibiza Villas

Short stay rentals of 4 nights or more are available outside of high season, so available in April, May, June and from 16th September…NOT available for stays between 01st July to 15th September

However please note that the large villas of 6 bedrooms or more will normally have a minimum 7 night stay all season with a Saturday arrival / departure

So for April, May, June, from 16th September & October if you are looking for a villa in Ibiza for a long weekend of 4 nights or more celebrate a friend's birthday, or can't quite manage to get a whole week away ? Well it is possible to rent a villa for less than 7 nights… but there are a few restrictions:

  • Minimum stay is 4 nights

  • Short stay rentals are not possible during July & August and the first 15 days of September as the minimum stays at our featured villas is 7 nights during high season (some of our featured hotels may be available for 3 to 5 nights)

  • Not all villas are available for a short stay, but if you call or email us then we can give you a list of available villas. It always helps is if you can let us know your price range and if there is a particular area of the island that you are most interested in

So how does the pricing work?

To work out the price of a short stay you'll need a calculator! (Or better to search our website and we'll work out the price for you!)

The formula is take the weekly rate and divided by 7 to get the daily rate, then add the supplement for a short stay:

A 4 night stay has a 20% supplement

A 5 night stay has a 15% supplement

A 6 night stay has a 10% supplement


So for example if the weekly villa price is €7,000 then the daily rate is €7,000 divided by 7, so €1,000 per day.



4 nights will be 4 x €1000 + 20% so €4,800 in total

5 nights will be 5 x €1000 +15% so €5,750 in total

6 nights will be 6 x €1000 +10% so €6,600 in total


How to calculate the price

If you add your dates to the search box then the correct price will be shown, or email us with your dates & price range and we can let you know which villas are available