Ibiza Villas - Secret Villas For Those In The Know

Villa Carmen II 1

There are a number of Ibiza villas that we have access to that we don't advertise and publish on our website. Many of these villas are luxury high-end and in the most sought after locations in Ibiza.

Why are these "secret" villas not advertised?
The main reason is that many of these villas are very high end, and therefore
- The owners may not want their home splashed across websites.
- The customers who book these types of villas may appreciate staying somewhere a little more discrete

If you are looking for a villa that can be described with any of the following: boutique, luxury, high-end, unique, chic, gorgeous, sumptuous, designer, cool..and any other superlatives then please let us know your requirements including:

Approx. Arrival Date (normally a Saturday):
Duration (normally 7 /14 etc nights):
Number of Bedrooms:
Preferred Location: (if applicable)
Approximate Price Range:

We can then send you the details of the available villas within your remit. 
Please contact us  or call us on 0203 472 1085



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