Ibiza Villas With 7 Bedrooms

Some of the 7 bedroom villas we feature are below - BUT we have access to more villas that this - including some options of 2 villas next to each other with a total of 7 bedrooms, to sleep 14 people

Let us know what you are looking for and what price range you are looking at and we can email you the villas that most closely match what you are looking for. 

These range from traditional to luxury. Most of these villas are ideal for families and are located in many different areas of the island, but with Ibiza you are normally not more than 20 or 30 minutes from Ibiza Town, and the nearest beach should only be no more than a 15-minute drive. 

We recommend booking early as the number of villas for 14 people or more are limited 

Please contact us for details of 7 bedroom villas or any combination of 2 villas to accommodate up to 14 people

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