Ibiza Villas With Chef / Catering

A small number of high-end villas will include catering within the villa price. Please contact us and we will send you details of these catered villas 

Alternatively we can offer a chef service at ANY villa we feature to cater for you for as much or as little as you require.

A full time chef will be approximately €40 per hour for 50 hours of service

Alternatively we can arrange individual meals to suit, including breakfast. For example a BBQ based on 8 people is from €45 per person

The chef service can be combined with ANY of the villas we feature - so just choose the villa you want to book and we can assist with arranging the chef for you.

So you can enjoy a fully catered villa in Ibiza but so you don't miss out on the best beach clubs, beach restaurants and amazing places to dine in Ibiza you can opt for a villa that works around your catering needs and requirements.


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