Ibiza Full Moon Dates 2021

Ibiza Full Moon Calendar 2021 

Ultimately, before techno & deep house, the moon was the big star in Ibiza (yes we know the moon is a planet and not a star...isn't it ??). Any way back when..way before the hippies in the sixties, before the Romans, before the Arabs occupied the island, the moon always had a great significance in Ibiza... The same is still true today. 

Here are the dates of when you can experience the full moon in Ibiza...during the summer months there are many special & themed events to celebrate these most wondrous of spectacular natural occurrences...sometimes you can see the moon rise - head out to the east to south coast (Talamanca beach is normally place great) for a prime vantage point.


28th January

27th February

28th March

27th April

26th May

24th June

24th July

22nd August

21st September

20th October

19th November

19th December


Thank you to Time & Date calendar for the information: