Visiting Ibiza For The First Time?

First time in Ibiza?

Or maybe it's the first time for a long time. Don't worry of you are an Ibiza virgin, however we will warn you that after your first visit most people become addicted to Ibiza!

So here are some basic suggestions and recommendations, but the main thing to be aware of is that

Ibiza is a beautiful and diverse island. Ibiza is also a small and compact island, but there is so much space that there is plenty of room for those that come to relax Ibiza and those that come to party.
We don't offer villas next to bars & nightclubs! You will only find the clubs if you go looking for them!

Let's start with a brief summary
West is great for sandy beaches, beach clubs and sunsets
South is great for Ibiza Town, nightlife and more sandy beaches (arguably the best on the island)
East is popular with families;  Santa Eulalia is the main resort; not a huge beach but good choice of restaurants, shops, bars and coffee shops
North in many ways hasn't changed much over the years. Still very much a "hippy vibe" with weekly market every Sunday in Sant Joan (San Juan)
Central / Rural - lose yourself in the beautiful countryside. The main village is Santa Gertrudis; a traditional village with a mix of local restaurants and boutique style restaurants

Ibiza is a relatively small island
20 to 30 minutes drive from the centre (Santa Gertrudis village) to most points
You really shouldn't, in the vast majority of cases, be driving for more than 40 minutes (otherwise you'll end up in the sea!)

What do people come to Ibiza for

- What brings people back to Ibiza year after year is something a little intangible; it's a feeling
- Nightlife; of course Ibiza is synonymous with nightlife and World famous clubs and events including Pacha, Amnesia, Ushuaia, Hi & Lio. Each venue attracts a slightly different crowd. 
For anyone thinking they are too old then think again; One of the longest running nights at Pacha is Flower Power; plenty of people in the club until late that you may expect to be normally tucked up in bed by 10pm with at hot cocoa! 
Just relax and have fun
- Beach clubs; Relaxed dining on the beach with many beach restaurants and beach clubs to choose from
- Restaurants;  Ibiza is a gastronomic paradise; something so suit all taste buds and budgets; but at the mid to higher end a really eclectic mix and choice awaits from traditional tom contemporary
- Rural, relaxing retreats; many come to Ibiza just to chill out in the beautiful countryside
- Sunsets; Ibiza offers some of the best sunsets anywhere in the World
- And then there are those serendipitous moments where you just stumble across a small bar or restaurant in the countryside or on the beach...and the rough plans you had that day are thrown out of the window and you just go with the flow and see where the day takes you


Families with younger children:

The east coast and the north are generally popular with families looking for a relaxed stay in Ibiza. If you are looking for a villa that is walking distance to beaches and/or restaurants then our advice is to book early as these villas do tend to get booked up first. The majority of villas are in quiet locations about a 5 minute drive from the nearest restaurant. In Ibiza even if you are in the rural heartland on central or north Ibiza it is unlikely that you will be more than 20 minutes from a beach. So please don't worry that somehow your will end up staying next to a party hotel as very few villas that we feature are slap bang in the middle of a resort. In Ibiza you could be 2 kilometres from one of the clubs and not even know it is there. The clubs are generally situated around Ibiza Town, Playa den Bossa and San Antonio, although Privilege & Amnesia are located about 10 minutes outside of Ibiza Town. 

Over a million people come to Ibiza every years (the average year round population is around 115,000) and despite popular opinion most people are not coming for some kind of hedonistic pilgrimage. They are coming for the beaches, the vibe, the scenery and the food... You may decide your villa is so relaxing and charming that you won't want to leave it during your entire stay. You may decide to put your toe in to the "clubbing scene" and arrange 1 night out to see how it goes (we can arrange a babysitter)…One thing is guaranteed: You won't be the oldest and there is no reason why you should feel out of place… we guarantee it's not like the night club in your nearest town. Beach clubs are a "must do", and these range from laid back to full on.

Don't worry about shopping and bringing nappies etc. We offer a "Full Fridge Service" (supermarket delivery) and about 3 weeks before arrival you can make your online shop for convenience of avoiding the chore of a food drink when you arrive. If you can't see an item that you need on the list then let us know and we will see if we can add it to the available items list...and if not then at least you know you need to bring it with you

Families with teenage children:
We feel your pain but we applaud you for getting credibility points with your kids… they won't tell you that this is a really cool (sick ?) idea of course, but everyone in your family will know it… and of course you're allowed to be a little but smug! There are a number of villas that are in really quiet areas but only a 5 to 10 minute taxi ride from some amazing nights out…and for that additional peace of mind we offer a 24/7 door to door transportation service so that everyone is delivered safe and sound back to the villa but our charming, responsible and very good English speaking drivers.

You'll almost certainly need to hire a car, but it's a really easy island to get around and in most cases the roads are in excellent condition… the traffic jams aren't like they are at home, although you may sometimes be held up by sheep in the road! More than likely you'll take a wrong turn and stumble across a little café, bar or restaurant, one of the many joys the island. But if you don't plan on hiring a car then there are generally two options

a)      The official taxi drivers offer a good service, but please bear in mind that most villas don't have a full street address. There is an official taxi app TAXI IBIZA which will allow the driver to find your villa. Please bear in mind that the supply of taxi drivers doesn't meet the demand;.particularly in peak season and therefore you are likely to have to wait for a taxi. Clearly be very wary of any unlicensed drivers.

b)      If you prefer we do offer a door to door transportation 24/7 in an 8 passenger Mercedes Vito minivan. The drivers all speak English, know the villa location and offer a friendly and professional service

So then it just a case of whether to stay close to Ibiza Town or Playa de Bossa or San Antonio..our advice would be to consider somewhere like San Rafael (Sant Rafal), which is located about 15 minutes from all of these places, bit also close to the clubs of Amnesia & Privilege..but in Ibiza everywhere should be within a 20 to 30 minute drive

Travelling with friends:
You can choose to stay somewhere rural & relaxed, or closer to the beaches and the parties
If you are celebrating a landmark birthday or event, or just getting everyone together finally after years of talking about it then where better to hang out than in Ibiza. But you don't have to party 24/7 if you don't want to:
Why not have a chef cook for you at your villa
or watch your favourite film (or do Karaoke) via a pop up cinema - popcorn included !

And for the party side of things then one week won't be enough to do all the parties you'll want to do. Here are the main venues:

with events 7 night's week from late May to early September:
Hi, Playa den Bossa
DC10, near Playa den Bossa

Pacha, Ibiza Town
Amnesia, 10 mins from Ibiza Town
Privilege, 10 mins from Ibiza Town

Eden Ibiza, San Antonio
Es Paradis, San Antonio

Lio is a rather unique night time experience; a cabaret show brought to you by the owners of Pacha. Lio is where you progress to in life when you've decided you've had enough years at partying Pacha!    

There are also a number of other  "day time" events that take place until midnight

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, DJ sets from the likes of David Guetta & Calvin Harris

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, Playa den Bossa, weekly music events

Ocean Beach Club, San Antonio

Beach Clubs - click here to view Ibiza's beach clubs

With so many places to party in Ibiza that you probably won't have time or the energy to party in your villa… and to be honest we would rather you didn't party in your villa. We ask that you respect the property and respect the neighbours by not partying in your villa. Please also be aware that any noise after midnight will not be tolerated and that if the police knock at your door then you will be fined.


Las Dalias "Hippy Market"

Located just over kilometre outside of San Carlos village  is Las Dalias; a stalwart of the alternative Ibiza scene for over 50 years
day and night time artisan market with music for a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Click here for details

Ibiza also has many sporting activities you can experience including:

Paint ball
Tennis & paddle
Go Karting
Assault course "Go Ape" style - ideal for families

And of course if you want something less energetic then many of the better hotels offer spa days & treatments

Getting Around
Hiring a car is the best option but if you prefer not to hire a car then we can arange private transport with reliable drivers at any time of day or night - 24/7 door to door transportation to and from your villa to clubs, restaurants and beach clubs. 

Ibiza is a small and compact island, but there is so much space that there is plenty of room for those that come to relax Ibiza and those that come to party 


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