Luxury Villas North Ibiza

The luxury villas we feature in the north of Ibiza range from historic and traditional country houses refurbished beautifully to offer luxurious living to uber-modern cliff edge properties with floor to ceiling windows and simply stunning sea views. Some villas include staff who are available to cater for you, whilst we can also arrange, if required, catering at any of the villas we feature via one of the catering companies we work with. The north of Ibiza has stunning scenery and a slower pace of life to that you will find elsewhere on the island and with a very different vibe - particularly in the village of Sant Joan; a traditional village that is quite sleepy on most days but definitely not every Sunday when then market transforms this white washed pueblo in to a really fun and friendly party...apparently there is also a market here as well! Here are the luxury villas in north Ibiza we feature.