BMW Car Rental In Ibiza


The quickest getaway from Ibiza Airport to your villa - check our prices via our dedicated website


Maybe you will only drive a BMW...or maybe this is your chance to test drive one whilst on holiday. Perhaps you may drive a BMW Series 1 or Series 2, or the slightly more "muscular looking" BMW X1, at home and simply driving another car would feel like you are being unfaithful! Well no need to feel any guilt, or have to suffer driving another brand as you can rent a BMW Series 1, X1 or Series 2 Cabriolet in Ibiza via our easy to use website

You can pick up from the airport - no queues - no shuttle bus - no hassle - or we can arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to your hotel or villa.


Additional driver charge only €4 per day 
Child seat & Booster seat only €4 per day 
Fuel policy is "Full to Full" so you only pay for the fuel you use 


*For delivery to your villa or hotel a minimum booking of 7 days is required
Delivery charge is €100
Collection charge is €100
To arrange a delivery and / or collection please make the booking online based on an airport pick up and drop off and then email us ( with your required delivery and/or collection address details and we will arrange this for you