First Time Ibiza Villa Rental

If you haven't rented a villa before, or haven't rented a villa in Ibiza here is some important information that we would like you to know



Most villas are in rural or semi-rural areas

Only a small number of villas are in residential areas or with a recognised street address

There are no bin collections in Ibiza. The person/s renting the villa are responsible for removing rubbish to one of the many bins around the island. Please do this daily so that the rubbish does not build up - with the heat of summer you won't want the unpleasant smell of rubbish inside the villa, and please don't keep it outside so it attracts ants etc. Therefore hiring a car is essential for most villas to allow for easy removal of rubbish, and for the dash to the supermarket for the essential items you have run out of! 


Car Hire & Taxis

Getting a taxi to come to the villa can be a challenge, particularly in the peak summer months of July & August (we do offer a door to door transportation service with drivers who know all the villas we feature).

Car hire is essential for most of the villas we feature. Why is this?
You probably won't be walking distance to a supermarket.
You are required as part of the rental agreement to remove rubbish from the villa and dispose of in a bin close to the villa; but not necessarily walking distance to the villa.

If you are planning a night out & no one wants to be the designated driver then our transportation service is available to pre-book


Security / Caution Deposit

Every villa requires a security deposit to cover for any damages, breakages or additional cleaning that is required of the villa you have rented has not been treated with respect.

The caution deposit will be arranged a few days before arrival. You will need a credit card to arrange the caution deposit


Check-in & check-out

Check-in time is normally from 3pm & check-out time is normally at 10am

An early check-in & late check-out will be unlikely in peak season (from 1st July to 15th September). At other times it will depend on whether the villa already has a booking on the day you arrive / leave and the cost to arrange a late check-out is normally a half day rental. 



It is best to assume that the villa won't have any items such as washing up liquid as we don't know what the previous occupant will leave behind.

There are a number of large supermarkets and plenty of convenience stores such as Spar & Suma...but unless your idea of a holiday is visiting a supermarket then we offer a full fridge service which allows you to pre-order the items you need & want & these will be delivered to your villa in time for your arrival.  

Electricity / Water / Wi-Fi


Ibiza is an amazing place to spend your holiday & deserves its accolade as one of the coolest places in the World!...but please remember that in the summer months the population is about 1 million people, compared to about 100,000 in the winter. This puts a strain on resources such as water, electricity & Wi-Fi so please be aware that, very occasionally, sometimes these services are not always as reliable as you will be used to. If you do experience any disruption then please bear with & normal services will be resumed as soon as possible.  

If you plan to be working while you are in Ibiza, or need sufficient bandwidth for more than just browsing then we can let you know how to hire additional modems. 

Ibiza does have some spectacular storms. The large amount of rainfall can, temporarily, disrupt services. In this event everyone will be working hard to restore everything to normal



Most of our customers are families looking for a quiet & relaxing stay in Ibiza. We also appreciate that Ibiza is a popular place to get together with a large group of family & friends to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries & special events.
Please be aware that only those people staying at the villa are allowed at the villa.
No parties are allowed at the villa
Please be aware that the rules in Ibiza regarding noise are very strict. No noise after midnight. Please be aware that if the Police / Guardia Civil are called then you will be fined.

We ask you to respect the villa you are renting in the same way that you would expect someone else to respect your property & possessions.


Personal Possessions

Most villas have a safe & many have alarms. Unfortunately Ibiza is not immune from crime. Please do not bring large amounts of cash. Please use the safety deposit boxes. Please ensure you set the alarm where applicable. Please remember to close & lock all windows & doors. Break-ins are not common but if they happen then it is clearly not a pleasant experience, so please just relax & enjoy your holiday & just behave as you would at home and follow the basic principles.  


Enjoying Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the best holiday destinations in the World. Amazing beaches, fantastic restaurants, World-class nightlife, incredible sunsets...and an atmosphere & vibe that is unparalleled & unrivalled. If you need any suggestions for your stay then please just let us know.