Paddle Boarding In Ibiza

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) on the beautiful blue and green waters of Ibiza is an absolute must on any visit to the island. It's possibly the most serene and tranquil way to exercise and see the island at the same time. It's also one of the most accessible and low-impact sports around, allowing pretty much any age and any swimming ability to have fun on Ibiza's crystal clear water. Look at the photos and tell me you're not tempted? 

What we offer:

Two hour cruise - Our most popular option: With our tuition we'll guide you out of the bays so you can properly explore the coastline. Seeing Ibiza from this angle has never been better; caves, coves, snorkeling and ridiculous cliff top mansions, Ibiza has it all. EUR 45 per person

One hour SUP taster - Short on time or just not sure? This is a great way to see what it's like but I guarantee you'll be wanting more by the end of it. EUR 30 per person

Sunrise - We love an sunrise in Ibiza!! Most people are still asleep (or only just going to bed) so the beaches are quiet and empty. The morning light is incredible and if you're looking for the ultimate tanning day this is definitely the way to start. EUR 50 per person

Sunset - Sunsets in Ibiza are famous and seeing it from your paddle board will make even the mega yachts jealous. It's also quite romantic so great for earning 'brownie points' or getting the night off on the right foot. EUR 50 per person

One hour SUP yoga and mindfulness - Tranquil, spiritual, zen. Intensify your yoga practice and strengthen your poses whilst feeling the gentle movement of the ocean beneath you. A truly peaceful way to practice yoga.  No previous yoga or paddle boarding experience required. EUR 35 per person

Two hour SUP/Yoga - A unique two hour SUP/yoga experience which begins with you paddling to a remote, awe inspiring location. Here, you drop anchor and begin your yoga session; truly exercising your mind and body in nature's tranquil beauty. No previous yoga or paddle boarding experience required. EUR 50 per person

If you wish to customise your trip, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're always happy to see how we can make your trip even more special. 

Group and large family discounts available.

Fully trained and qualified Level 2 instructors, also trained in First Aid and sea and surf rescue

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