Ibiza Karaoke In Your Villa

If you are looking for something different to do one evening in Ibiza then we introduce…Ibiza Karaoke. Everybody thinks they have the voice of an angel…now is the time to prove it & do something different in Ibiza...and have fun!


What's included:

2 hours of singing

4 wireless microphones

Disco lights 

30,000 songs to choose from

Fancy dress

Inflatable outdoor screen (3.7m x 2.1m)

Projection & sound system

Technician included to set up & assist with the technical side of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly


Equipment rental starts from €375 (excludes local tax of 21%) and
the full Ibiza Karaoke experience starts from €550. 

Option to add extras and create your own package.

Please note all noise must case by midnight, so the event must start no later than 10pm

How to book:
Contact us & we will make the arrangements for you 

Why not combine the Karaoke with a chef to cook a BBQ for you or enjoy a hog roast in the comfort of your villa. Click here to view villa catering options