Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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There is no place quite like Ibiza. Like many people I fell in love with Ibiza the first moment I stepped foot on the island in 2002 when I was still, just about, a teenager - but I really got to understand the diversity & beauty of Ibiza when I stayed in an agrotourism hotel in the north. In fact this trip was the catalyst that launched this business. Even after all these years there is always a new corner of the White Isle to discover, often when visiting a new villa or hotel. And of course there is always somewhere I may have forgotten about and can re-discover.

Every year is different, with new restaurants, beach clubs and club nights, that each summer season starts off fresh and there is always an air of excitement. The island is in a constant state of change from week to week, month to month, season to season and from year to year

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I have over 30 years' experience in the travel industry having worked for companies including Thomas Cook, First Choice, Hertz & Virgin Holidays. We appreciate how important your villa holiday is to you which is why we check every villa we feature and only include the villas that we feel offer the right setting & quality.

Ibiza is an amazing destination that each summer has an amazing ability of evolving without losing the core essence that has made the White Isle such a popular holiday destination for decades. We all change as we get older & Ibiza always seems to cater for different types of people whether you are coming to the island for the first time or you are a regular visitor

If you will allow me to offer some advice, then it would be: Please choose your villa rental partner carefully. We tell you things that other villa rental companies may not. Please read our information about how to book you villa safely. If you are coming to Ibiza for the first time then just remember that there is rarely a dress code, you just need to relax and you will fit right in.

I often get asked by friends and family about favourite beaches, the truth is that it is a difficult question to answer as each beach has a different vibe.

Ibiza is a true gastronomic destination, an island full of very talented chefs. There are some expensive restaurants but still many smaller more local eateries that are very affordable. If you love your food, then you'll love Ibiza.

There is a different corner of Ibiza for every mood and every situation to relaxing by yourself to being in one of the biggest parties of the summer. The winter season is getting shorter and many restaurants are open all year round. Average temperatures are pleasant and so are a great time for exploring the beautiful countryside on foot or by bike.


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