Ibiza Boutique Villas

Looking for a boutique Ibiza villa? What exactly is a boutique villa ? well in our opinion, a boutique villa offers modern decor and where the emphasis is on detail & quality.. a place to stay that mirrors your own high standards.

Here are the villas that we feel most aptly fit the "boutique label" and offer that "je ne sais quoi", and so could be suitable if you are looking for a special place to celebrate a special event in your life such as a birthday with friends, or anniversary with family.

We can arrange a private chef to cook for as few or as many days & nights as required (prices start from €55 per person). 

In addition we offer a "full fridge Service" - more than a grocery delivery service as the food will be packed away in the cupboards and fridge ready for your arrival, allowing you more time to enjoy your holiday.



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