Ibiza Villas With 6 Bedrooms

The local laws in Ibiza mean that the maximum number of bedrooms that a villa can be licensed for is 6 bedrooms. In some cases there are some villas that are licensed for more than 6 bedrooms. We also have some villas that are next to each other, or close to each other, and so we can accommodate a group of up to 24 people - but the larger villas normally have a minimum 7 night stay with a Saturday arrival.

Larger villas tend to also be in more rural areas so will only work for you if you are planning on hiring a car or a few cars. We don't feature any large villas that are walking distance to a beach, shops or a resort, but Ibiza is a really easy island to drive around so you can discover amazing beaches and restaurants every day in just a few minutes drive from your villa. We recommend booking early as larger villas do tend to get booked up quickly.