Ibiza Eco Tax - Ecotasa

Updated 5th December 2017

In 2016 the Balearic Government (including Ibiza) introduced an "eco tax" or ecotasa. For anyone arriving in 2018 this will be charged at €2.20 per person per night for anyone 16 and over. This tax applies to any one staying in any licenced and regulated hotel, apartment or villa in Ibiza

If you are staying for more than 8 nights then the 9th night and subsequent nights are charged at €1.10 per adult per night

Customers staying in the winter months from 1st November to 31st March will pay €0.55 per adult per night.

According to the local council this income will be used to support ecological projects in Ibiza, and to "raise funds to offset the environmental consequences of tourism, including green projects".

This additional tax will be added to the cost of the villa and will be shown on your confirmation so that it is and paid for in advance of arrival in Ibiza.